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What is Susan Rice’s net worth and salary?

Susan Rice is an American diplomat, academic, and public official who has a net worth of $40 million. Susan Rice is best known for being the United States National Security Advisor under President Barack Obama. According to her 2011 financial disclosure, Susan Rice’s net worth at that time was a minimum of $23.5 million and a maximum of $43.5 million. The disclosure showed investments in commercial banks worth $8 million and oil & gas companies worth nearly $5 million. When she estimated her net worth in 2008, she gave a range of $12 to $30 million. More details about Susan Rice’s wealth details in the next section of this article.


According to the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics in Washington, she had a net worth of between $23.5 million and $43.5 million as of 2009. During that time she was the wealthiest member of the executive branch, just ahead of then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Rice was only required to file broad ranges of her assets for those disclosures which made it impossible to determine the exact figures for some of her holdings.

Her husband Ian is the source of the family’s wealth. In 2012 it was revealed that Susan and Ian owned $600,000 worth of stock in a Canadian oil company called TransCanada which owns the controversial Keystone pipeline. They owned other fossil fuel companies which became a source of controversy when she was up for serving as Secretary of State at one point.


In May 2018 she was named a board member of the Netflix Inc. She earns a base salary of $366,666 for the role. Over her first two years with Netflix she was granted 5,200 shares in the company. At $450 per share, those shares were worth $2.3 million in June 2020. Susan sold roughly 1/4 of her stake in mid 2020 at an average price of $508. After subtracting her strike-price, she gained $300,000 from the sales.

Early Life

Susan Rice was born on November 17, 1964, in Washington, D.C. Her parents both had careers in education, and Rice was raised with a strong sense of social justice and public service. She attended Stanford University, where she earned a degree in history in 1986, and then went on to earn a Master’s degree and a Ph.D. in international relations from Oxford University.

Early Career

After completing her education, Rice began her career in government service. She worked in a variety of positions related to foreign policy and national security, including as a management consultant for McKinsey & Company and as a foreign policy advisor to the 1988 presidential campaign of Michael Dukakis.

Rice went on to serve in various positions in the Clinton administration, including as director for international organizations and peacekeeping on the National Security Council and as assistant secretary of state for African Affairs. During her tenure in the State Department, Rice played a key role in shaping U.S. policy toward Africa and was known for her advocacy of human rights and democracy.

National Security Advisor

In 2013, President Obama appointed Rice as National Security Advisor, making her the first African American woman to hold the position. In this role, Rice was responsible for advising the President on matters related to national security and foreign policy.

During her time as National Security Advisor, Rice played a key role in shaping U.S. policy toward a number of key issues, including the conflict in Syria, the U.S. response to Russian interference in the 2016 election, and the U.S. pivot to Asia. She was also known for her work to strengthen U.S. alliances and partnerships around the world.

Recent Work

After leaving the White House in 2017, Rice has continued to be active in public service and policy. She has been a vocal critic of President Trump’s foreign policy, particularly his approach to Russia and North Korea, and has called for a more multilateral approach to global challenges.

Rice has also been involved in a number of initiatives related to social justice and human rights. She has been a strong advocate for women’s rights and has been involved in efforts to combat human trafficking and sexual violence.

In addition to her work in government and public service, Rice has also been involved in academia and the private sector. She has served as a distinguished visiting research fellow at the School of International Service at American University and has held positions at various think tanks and nonprofit organizations.

Personal Life

Susan has been married to Canadian businessman Ian O. Cameron since 1990. They met while studying at Stanford University. They have two children. Their son John David-Rice Cameron is the President of the Stanford College Republicans and has been a vocal Trump supporter.

Ian O. Cameron comes from a very wealthy family. His father Newton earned a fortune as the founder of the Victoria Plywood Company. Newton founded the company in 1950 upon returning from World War 2. He grew the business into one of the largest producers of lumber on the west coast of North America. He sold the business in 1980.

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