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Leading the Way: Indian-Origin CEOs Making Global Impact

List of Indian-origin CEOs: In today’s dynamic business arena, a growing cohort of exceptionally skilled individuals hailing from India are embracing key leadership roles within prominent multinational enterprises. Spanning across technology giants like Microsoft and Google, as well as esteemed luxury brands and beyond, these Indian-origin CEOs are not just leaving their imprint on the global platform, but also steering these organizations towards unparalleled achievements.

No. CEO Name Company Head Quarter
1 Satya Nadella Microsoft Redmond, Washington
2 Sundar Pichai Alphabet Inc./ Google Mountain View, California
3 Arvind Krishna IBM Armonk, New York
4 Shantanu Narayen Adobe San Jose, California
5 Parag Agrawal (Former CEO) Twitter San Francisco, California
6 Leena Nair Chanel (French luxury fashion house) Paris, France
7 Raj Subramaniam FedEx Memphis, Tennessee
8 Rangarajan Raghuram VMware Palo Alto, California
9 Revathi Advaithi Flex San Jose, California
10 Ajaypal Singh Banga Paytm Noida, India
11 Sanjay Mehrotra Micron Technology Boise, Idaho, U.S.
12 Jay Chaudhry Zscaler Cloud Security Company San Jose, California, U.S.
13 Neal Mohan YouTube San Bruno, California, United States
14 George Kurian NetApp (Data Storage and Data Management Services Company) San Jose, California, U.S.
15 Laxman Narasimhan Starbucks Corporation Starbucks Center, Seattle, Washington, U.S.
16 Amrapali Gan (Former CEO) OnlyFans (Internet Content Subscription Service) London, England, United Kingdom
17 Anjali Sud Vimeo (American video hosting, sharing, and services platform) New York City, United States

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